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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules Founderd

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Forum Rules Vide
PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Empty14/2/2009, 8:59 am

Hello WGx,


You are now logged into the first international forum for Wonder Girls and Girl's Generation..

First of all..before you post anything, let me first remind you of our OFFICIAL RULES. Like in every forum, we will also have our RULES to be applied here in the forum to maintain the orderliness and for the convenience of all the people here in WGx forums.

here are the OFFICIAL RULES


1.No BASHING of words- We should respect each other even though we're from different FCs..We're all friends here..

2.ENGLISH only rule- Since this is an international forum we must only speak no any other language than english.

3.No mentioning about ANTIs- Some Wonderful are antis to S♥️ne and some S♥️nes are antis to Wonderfuls..Like i said we're all friends in this forum so ANTIs doesn't exist..

4.No double posting- Double posts are a big mess in the forum so be observant in your posts to avoid confusions..

5.Post in Thumbnail form- The standard size of pictures in a Bulletin Board is 600x480 pixels. If it exceeds this size you should post it in thumbnail form so it'll not be very disturbing when people are trying to browse around the thread. Also to give way to the members that have slow internet connection..

6.Dont make it too big- Avatars and Siggys should be in their proper sizes [Maximun avatar size = 100x100] and [siggies = 300x100]..specially siggys..it'll just make the forum wide. Maximum size for the avatar should not exceed 150KB. Maximum pixels of the siggies would be 400x180 pixels and siggys should not exceed 300KB. This is fair enough because in other forums they only allow not more than 150KB of siggy and 100KB of avatar.

For text you could only use 5 lines for tiny size, 4 lines small size, 3 lines for normal size, 2 lines for large size and 1 line for huge size.

7.NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL- Please..I don't have to explain these..

8.No hotlinking- if you want to post other Forums/Sites you should post an affliate so we can open the said web/forum..

9.No ALL CAPS- do not post in all capital letters unless you are pointing some words that needs to be capitalized.

10. Reply with sensible thoughts - No more "Thanks for sharing" reply. Your post or reply must contain not less than 20 words.

11. Follow Forum Rules - Follow the rules of each sections of the forums. Read it those first before posting or making a topic.

PS: If you didn't follow any of these rules, we will PM you and you will commit a warning..

if you commit 3 warnings we will ban you..

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Forum Rules Vide
PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Empty14/2/2009, 11:04 am

read and understood mommy. Smile
i'll follow. Smile
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Forum Rules Vide
PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Empty22/2/2009, 8:24 pm

understood.. i'll follow them
Forum Rules BAN-12
ava and siggy by me
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Forum Rules Vide
PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Empty23/2/2009, 7:16 am

read and understood them ma'am! hehehe
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Forum Rules Vide
PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Empty

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Forum Rules

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  1. No BASHING of words
  2. ENGLISH only rule
  3. No mentioning about ANTIs
  4. No double posting
  5. Post pictures in thumbnail form
  7. No hotlinking
  8. No ALL CAPS
  9. Reply with sensible thoughts


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